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Is your platform a write-off but you cannot afford a new one? INREKA PLOŠINY SERVIS s.r.o. offers a solution: a complete overhaul of the platform which can if required be transferred onto a different chassis. During an overhaul the whole superstructure of the work platform is completely disassembled; all metal parts, including cylinders, are checked and if necessary repaired or replaced. The construction is then sandblasted and provided with a new surface. The platform is also provided with new wiring and new hydraulic systems. In the platform MP 13 the troublesome electrical control is removed and replaced with a hydraulic control system. Outriggers of the platform also form a part of the general repairs; they can be replaced or adjusted. It is possible to install the overhauled superstructure on the original chassis or upon agreement with the customer on an entirely new one. After the overhaul the lifespan of the platform is guaranteed for at least the lifetime of the new chassis on which the superstructure is mounted and all this is guaranteed for about 1/3 of the cost associated with the acquisition of a new work platform.